Best Foot Forward: El Mejor Pie Adelante

Costume Design

Best Foot Forward: El Mejor Pie Adelante tells the stories of Sawyer, a country kid, and Lil G, a city kid, as they compete together at the regional dance stars competition, and then have to stay together and learn how their differences make them stronger. A bilingual touring musical for under-served children in the southwest, Creede Repertory Theatre’s yearly Young Audience Outreach Tour sends two teams of two actors and one tour manager each on three month tours in a truck and small pull-behind trailer. As designer for this show, I had to take into consideration the wear, tear, and care of each piece. As a design team, we really wanted to celebrate the showmanship of design competitions, and costumes primarily did so with the use of customization and glitter.Along with creating a juxtaposition between rural and urban life through line and color, in each cast the genders were flipped between roles, so there were lots of places to explore masculine and feminine influences in each costume design. This show was really made special by the customization work, from screen-printing shirts for the tour managers and the tracksuits, to hand painting Sawyer’s competition fabric and shoes and Lil G’s Jacket.

Scenic Design- Lisa Allen

Lighting Design- Kaye Swindell

Show Photographs Courtesy of John Gary Brown