Helios 24/7

Costume Design

Helios 24/7 is a story set in the near future that explores the intertwining roles of sleep, technology, and art in our lives and relationships. As a design team, we decided to set the story in the near future, to help drive home the theme of keeping real experiences and relationships in our increasingly technological lives. We drew heavy influence from modern sci-fi shows and movies as well as some abstract and absurd art inspiration from artists like Salvador Dali. I also drew on inspiration from Japanese futuristic fashion trends, with bold lines and sleek textures. As this play involved certain scenes playing out on set-mounted TVs, there was an element of costume design for film for this production as well. To contrast Rowan, an artist, from the sleek modern world, I hand dyed Rowan's painting shirt to give her a more authentic feel, and redid some of her hemline's by hand. 

Scenic Design- DJ Badon

Lighting Design- Jared Land

Director- Dr. Natalie Gaupp

Photographs- Michelle Harvey and Laurie Land