Into The Woods

Associate Costume Design, Craftwork, Stitching

Into the Woods is a musical about fairy tale characters who's lives are strung together through a series of wishes with heavy consequences. Through the show the characters learn to be careful what they wish for. We as a design team chose to use the darkness of the original Grimm's fairy tales and carry that dark edge through out the show, and the costumes were heavily influenced by the folk culture of the bavarians. I was in charge of 5 original designs for this show as well as a majority of the paperwork and support.I handled several construction projects, most notably the transformation of Cinderella's Prince to the Wolf, Rapunzel's Dress, and the stitching detail work on Little Red Riding Hood.

Costume Design-Laurie Land

Scenic Design- Michelle Harvey

Lighting Design- Jared Land

Directors- Andrew Gaupp and Dr. Anne Healy

Photographs- Michelle Harvey