Music Theatre Wichita 2017

Costume Craftsperson

The theme for Music Theatre Wichita's 2017 Season was "Let's Go To The Movies", with a season composed of five musicals that were originally movies: Thoroughly Modern Millie, 7 Brides for 7 Brothers, Hairspray, The Hunchback of Norte Dame, and Newsies. I managed the budget for the crafts shop for the season, along with managing a 17 year old intern and a team of assorted volunteers throughout the season. I was responsible for all of the millinery, dye work, shoe repairs and alterations, and specialty projects. For Thoroughly Modern Millie I created outlandish hats for the villain Mrs. Meers. For 7 Brides for 7 Brothers, there were assorted headwear and leather projects, along with quite a bit of corrective dye work. As we had already built Hairspray, I did minor upkeep and corrective dye work. The Hunchback of Notre Dame was our biggest project, and I managed most of the volunteers during this show. There were over 100 individual projects. I created patterns and taught my intern how to make soft headwear, along with how to do simple felted hats. There was dye work on most characters, distressing, and construction of belts and hats. The largest project was the construction and painting of the statues. For Newsies, I built two hats for Medda, taught my intern how to make the hats for the beauties, and distressed all of the Newsies. This season was one of the biggest challenges I had faced to this point in my career, and I learned quite a bit during the monumental process.  


All Designs By the staff of Music Theatre Wichita.

Photographs- Christopher Clark and Jeremy Fritchman