Red Bowl at the Jeffs

Costume Design

The Sound’s Red Bowl at the Jeffs is writer Beth Hyland’s insider nod to Chicago theatre, loosely based on Chekov’’s Three Sisters. When Red Bowl Theatre company is nominated for best ensemble at the non-equity Jeff awards, they’re elated, but since closing, the company’s lives have begun to mirror the story of Three Sisters a little too closely for comfort. As these young but maturing artists grapple with disappointment and how to define success in a difficult industry, we as artists are presented with the question: why are we even doing this? As a design team, we wanted to honor the countless real small start up theatre companies in the area (one of which put on this show!) and my design strove to show a cross section of the way Chicago theatre artists present themselves when offstage, honor the inspiration of Three Sisters, as well as fulfill some script specific requirements, like a white free people dress that could handle a nightly wine dousing, a stylish cape, a bolo tie and more, all while working on a shoe string budget.

Scenic Design- Dana Macel

Lighting Design- Alex Beal

Director- Rebecca Willingham

Photographs- Montana Bruns