Costume Design

Ripcord is the story of Abby and Marilyn, an Odd-Couple-esque roommate pairing in an assisted living facility. As a bet escalates, they learn about each other and explore loss, family, and what it means to care about and for other people. Some of the biggest challenges to this show include the fact that although its a modern show in a nursing home, we visit a haunted house, go skydiving, and see a fake hanging trick onstage, all with maturely aged actors who had range of motion to take into consideration. In this design we used color and silhouette to juxtapose Abby and Marilyn, and tied their family members and friends to them using the same design elements. Everything in this show worn by Abby and Marilyn(and many of the other costumes) had to be able to be changed with minimal help in under 3 minutes at most, which was facilitated with lots of layers.

Scenic Design- Mandy Embry

Lighting Design- Kristof Janezic

Show Photographs Courtesy of John Gary Brown