The Watsons Go To Birmingham-1963

Assistant Costume Design

Costume Design By Izumi Inaba

The Watsons Go To Birmingham- 1963 is a stage adaptation of a book of the same name, about a 9 year old boy named Kenny, who’s family takes a road trip to take their misbehaving son Byron to stay with his Grandmother in Birmingham for the summer. Kenny finds more than he bargained for in Birmingham, where tensions of the civil rights movement are boiling. I assisted costume designer Izumi Inaba on this show, and my responsibilities included helping build paperwork, taking notes, assisting with fittings and alterations, as well as coordinating the press photo shoot costumes. Our focuses on this show included creating a “Whol Pooh” monster(a whirlpool that almost drowns Kenny), Making Kenny’s Glasses Breakable, and staying true to the silhouettes and styles of the 60s while making quick changes easy for the characters. I pulled our photo shoot costumes from the stock at the theatre and aimed to find costumes that were similar to the designs, although not exact. I also engineered the Whol Pooh hood to stay in place so the actor could see, helped build the vest that holds “water” fabric(as a collaboration with props), and built a bandanna doorag for the oldest brother.

Scenic Design- Arnel Sancianco

Props Design-Mealah Heidenreich

Lighting Design- Jason Lynch

Projections Design- Smooch Medina

Show Photographs Courtesy of Chicago Children’s Theatre