Waiting For 40

Costume Design

Waiting for 40 was a one-act romantic comedy performed in rep with three other shows. The director wanted the show to look as if it was coming straight off the pages of a comic book. I used bold colors, thick lines, and selected half-tone accents throughout. The actors also had comic inspired makeup, using thick black lines where they normally apply highlight and shadow. The colors also tied characters together- each character was assigned a primary color (red for Carrie, as she's dominant, blue for Greg, as he's passive, and yellow for Strasburger because he is the warm character) and the secondary colors they wore showed how they were connected.

This show won honorable mention in costume design at USITT Southwest region's design competition.

Scenic design- Jorge Lanuza

Lighting Design- Jared Land

Director- Elia Crawford

Photographs-Michelle Harvey